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General Information


Overview:           HMS build ref 480, the design of 480 is near identical to build 466 with only detail changes to suit the teams requirements.

480 will carry a maximum of four F2 formula cars if required ( two on the top deck and two on the lower deck),  the top deck will also carry some sports cars but not all.

At the circuit the transporter converts to accommodate team personnel including: Management office, Engineers room, drivers massage room, and a workshop.


We can duplicate or evolve this design to suit,

Price from: 525,000 Euros.

Typical build time 35 weeks subject to other orders.

Detailed Specs

External: 13.6m x 4m travelling height race transporter, 2,500kg 2 tier dhollandia Tail lift, 13 kva marine application generator, hydrovane compressor, self seeking satellite, wireless internet, HMS hydraulic pop up roof, 2 x 13m x 8 awnings, 8m mast,  Pop up roof to give 2.2m when projected.

Workshop: The workshop area has a fixed height of 2mtrs, it will carry 2 Formula cars, at th circuit the rear section converts to a  drivers area, during transit the rear benchs also fold up to maximise storage possibilities.

Top Deck: The top deck has a 1300mm height when travelling that will allow for the storage of 2 cars or flight cases and pit equipment to be transported.  In circuit configuration it forms an engineers office for 8 engineers and six drivers, the seats all travel in a folded up position and simply fold down at the circuit to minimise set up time, the area is also fitted with circuit data TV’s and satellite TV, remote printers, air conditioning.

Management office: On the goose neck is a management office that functions with the roof up only, external storage lockers are below the office. Individual air conditioning, satellite, removable table for additional storage, leather seating, sued walls as per the engineer’s room.

Drivers room: In under 5 minutes a separate room can be installed at the rear of the top deck that can act as beds or seating for the drivers with room to hang overalls and have massages etc.


480 Pop Up Roof Race Transporter

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