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General Information

HMS build Ref:         277 Multipurpose Hospitality Unit:             £95,000+vat

Overview:                  The unit has been used in BTCC in 2016,17,18 operated and maintained by HMS.  For 2019 the unit was painted externally in white with any external bodywork replaced as required.

Roof Viewing platform: Fold up viewing platform

Fixtures and fittings: All fixtures and fittings including Tables, Chairs, Blue flooring, 2x external Tvs, PA system, Internal seating and operate at a venue can be transported in the unit.


New in 2016 L shaped Hospitality awning 16m long x 8mtr a 10.5 at rear.

Solid infill lower panels on two sides.

Aluminium double doors to fit in either one end or the long projection.

The awning has been used in BTCC at every event in 2016,17,18, it has been serviced an upgradedby the awning Co as required, the sheets have been washed every winter, it is supplied with 1 spare roof sheet.

The awning was fitted with New Roof sheets for 2019.

The trailer is also supplied with tables and chairs for the awning up to approx 60 people.


Small kitchen area: c/w double sink, triple fridge, gas burner, oven.

Lower Office:            The front can be entered from the kitchen area or direct from the side door.  When entering from the side door you can turn directly right to go up the stairs to the top deck or through another door to the kitchen area. The room is finished in gloss white with four storage cupboards mounted on the front wall and various base units, it also has a side access hatch that could be used for serving drinks or drivers signing on etc. The room could be used as an office area or extended into the kitchen area or modified to suit.

Top Deck: Two offices that can be set up in several configurations.

The unit is too high to be operated in Europe, we will sell as is or modify as required.

We would also rent the unit for the full season or short term subject to terms to teams competing in the Uk.



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