This unit is now sold. We can build similar units from £325,000 to £350,000 subject to final specification.

General Information

Build 497 is a copy of several other build numbers, since the build we have duplicated several times and also evolved this design for others teams specific requirements.

Detailed Specs

THREE identical transporters that can be used to carry upto 5 cars or as bulk storage during transit, at the circuit the lower deck converts to two offices.
The lower deck can be converted to a workshop if required.
Bulk storage & 1 car carrying capacity ( max height car 1500mm) that will convert to two offices for drivers or engineers at the circuit.

Seating: Removable.

Tables:   Removable.

Air conditioning:   x2

Height 1500mm 3 car carrying capacity or bulk storage.
Generator: 13kw 415v silent.
Masts: No

The front section of the lower deck will convert to an office at the circuit if required, as standards it is fitted with a fridge, wardrobe, air conditioning and tv. Removable table and seating can also be supplied.

The rear section can be used as bulk storage or to carry a car during transit, at the circuit it will convert to an engineer/ drivers room.



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