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General Information

HMS Build No: 411 2015
2 Touring or GT Car Transporter with Workshop & Two offices
Bespoke Double Deck

Detailed Specs

Trailer:                         Hopkins  Bespoke double deck.
Length:                        13.89m
Height:                         4.1m @1250mm pin height
Wheel diameter:         17.5”
Mot:                            N/a
Deck heights:              Top deck 1450mm, Lower deck 1960mm height.
Tail lift:                       Dhollandia. DHVO3  2,500kg 2 tier with floor mounted ram box, self opening and closing hand rails, folding extension, no personnel door.
Paintwork.                   Volvo White Roof finished in high gloss white not painted.
Awning:                      No
Generator:                   9kw Kohler Marine application
Compressor:                Hydrovane HVO2



Partition:                     Fixed partition with 2 sliding doors.

Wheel Arch’s:             1x cabinet’s length 850mm x 700mm with a 1450mm high roller shutter door above the wheel arch’s  followed by 2x fixed lista draw cabinet’s length 850mm x 700mm with a 850mm high roller shutter door above.

Off Side:                     In front of the wheel arch is an external storage locker, inside the transporter will be finished with a high gloss white panel fitted with an anti rub rail length approx 2150mm. after the bench HMS side door with internal step followed by steps to data area.

Near Side:                   In front of the wheel arch’s. 2x lista cabinet’s height 1000mm x length 1023mm each.

Open space below bench supplied with 2x portable lista cabinet’s height 1000mm x length 1023mm each.

Front:                          Integrated fridge with overhead lockers above.

Top Deck

Walls and the ceiling:High gloss white.

Protection:                  1 x full length of anti rub rail on each wall.

Floor tracking:            3x lengths of tracking surface mounted to the floor.

Floor Finish:               Black non slip rubber

Lighting:                     1000mm Led strip recessed into the ceiling at 1100mm centres.


Side Walls:                 White.

Front & Rear:              Colour as required

Windows:                    2 windows per side   Blinds recessed into the walls

Seating:                       Bench seating finished in Grey leather.

Seat bases:                  Foam backed grey leatherette.

Table:                          2mall removable management table

2ndtable:                     Engineers table that fold to increase the floor space.

Ceiling:                       Chrome slotted panelling.

Floor finish:                Black carpet.

Overhead units:           Overhead units in metallic Belarus with recessed Led lighting set into the bases of the units.

Base units:                  Metallic Belarus base units on the bulkhead wall, 1 x integrated fridge

Work tops:                  Colour McLaren Graphite worktops & table top with power points to suit.

Access:                        Hinged door between the office & steps, finished in gloss white.

Air conditioning:        Mitsubishi Hot & cold

Television:                  Mounted above units on rear wall.

Satellite:                      Self seeking recessed into office ceiling.

Lower Deck  Drivers/ Engineers room

Overwiew:                  The rear 2m of the lower deck can be used for bulk storage during transit with the desks and tables folded up, at the circuit it can be used for data engineers working from desks or as drivers changing room

Walls & Ceiling:         High gloss white.

Lighting:                     Led recessed into the ceiling, HMS standard below the overhead lockers.

Floors & Bench tops:  finished in black rubber with recessed tracking for securing formula cars and trollies etc.

Over head lockers:      Aluminium pressed overhead lockers on each side from the side door to full height roller shutter doors & 2 air outlets, finished in gloss white.

Working From the rear of the workshop:

Folding bench’s:         1x folding bench per side length approx 2m.

Seating:                       Black leather cushions with travelling bags to fit on both folding benchs.

Hanging Rail:             1 rail at the rear to hang overalls etc.

Air Conditioning:       In the drivers room


100% new construction.
The chassis any additional steel work will be finished in 2k black paint.
Side panels 32mm GRP finished internally and externally in 2mm high gloss white vetrosina GRP.
All of the side mouldings, the dome and lockers doors will be finished in 3mm aluminium.
Starting from the front of the transporter.
Aluminium pressed dome, the bottom edge of the dome and the lower side of the side pressings will all be chamfered at a height of 60mm.

Neck Lockers.1x locker door per side on the goose neck of the trailer, length approx 2850mm x 500mm each, coach style up & over doors. Internally the roof will be finished in stucco aluminium, the roof panels will be bolted in for access to various power and air cables.  Below the goose neck (where the tractor unit backs under) roof panels finished in 3mm aluminium cricket weave.

Generator compartment.  The door and surrounding panels will be finished in 3mm aluminium painted to suit, the door will open on gas struts, the locker will be fully lined in 10mm lead insulation to reduce noise into the trailer and then fully lined in silver stucco aluminium, a bespoke fuel tank will be mounted outside the generator compartment but still behind the neck panels.  On the right hand side of the generator compartment under the neck the suspension raise & lower valve hand vehicle hand brakes will be mounted. We will also mount 2 x power outlet boxes and air outlet here for both sides.

Side door.        1 on the near side of our standard design.

Side locker.     1 on the near side Length approx 2070mm max height 1060mmThe locker door will open on coach style up and over mechanisms.  The walls and ceilings will be finished in high gloss white with a rubber anti damage rail fitted to all walls, the floors and any shelving will be finished in 3mm aluminium cricket weave.  Air and power outlets can be fitted to suit. 2 x 24v lights will be fitted in these lockers to suit.

Wheel arch’s. 3mm aluminium construction hinging on the top edge fluted for air to suit.

Rear End         3x Led lights per side fitted to the side of the lift, all edges chamfered as per the bottom of the truck.

Roof.               32mm thick insulated panel, gloss white on both sides.

Flag poles       x4

Windows.        2 x over fit tinted panels per side with black out to two internal windows.

Mast:               No


411 2 Car Transporter with Front Office

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